Yes, I'm a bastard

1342 Words

No matter what, time constraints like this would always be our enemy. As much as we wanted to spend more time with each other, unless we ignored the school, it would always be cut short. Either way, we’re all aware of this… and it’s in our best interest not to mull over it too much or we'll all just get disappointed. There’s no solution to it with our current situation. “Hey, before you pull a long face again, let me tell you something… I love every second of my time with you. No matter how short it is. You’re the one who said it. That in the future, our situation will get better.” Rae’s words pulled me out of my thoughts as she turned around to look closely at me again. Her eyes behind her glasses brimming with a wonderful glint of resolve. “For now, as high school students, our curre

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