What is this situation?

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Seeing that I was unmoved after fully receiving her slap, Izumi-senpai’s whole body trembled as she began sobbing. The tears that she’s holding back gushed out from her eyes. She then tightly grabbed my thick blazer’s collar and headbutted my chest. Once. Twice.  Thrice. Of course, it didn’t really hurt me. She lacked the necessary strength to do so but what she did was a clear sign of her frustration. Her words couldn’t get through to me. And even though she already kneeled and begged, I remained firm with my decision to make Arisa-senpai mine. “Why? Why can you be this cruel?” “I know it will be hard for senpai to understand but I love Arisa-senpai. When I declare that, it’s always me 100% being serious. I’m not like your indecisive crush nor Arisa-senpai’s ex… Call me a playboy o

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