I leave Edel to you

1276 Words

As I digested her answer and tried to find if there’s something wrong with it, my eyes searched for Haruko. It didn’t take long doing that since the girl was just behind Serizawa-senpai. Perhaps she’s already aware of what I would ask her, Haruko, stepped forward and embraced Serizawa-senpai from behind. Everyone already had their turn except Serizawa-senpai. I intentionally let her be the last since, among everyone in here, she’s not connected to me. At least, not for now. And I also had no idea about the future. With her foreign descent, she’s probably a popular girl in school. We’re still in our 1st year and we’re not attending it for long yet so I still had no idea about the most famous personalities in our school except for Shizu. Nonetheless, just that one trait of hers was more

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