Fear of Men?

1658 Words

With that question from me, it finally clicked to Serizawa-senpai that she was sticking close to me.   Her eyes went wide from surprise and her mouth hung open.   Before my eyes, I watched how she almost turned green from extreme fright. This was probably some kind of phobia now rather than just normal fear of men or I was missing more information   A few seconds later, the grip she had on my shoulder loosened and her legs lost their strength, her balance collapsing.   Ah. No. That’s her reflexive reaction. Her body wanted to pull away from me even if it meant hurting herself.   However, I also had no time to think about what I had to do. Seeing that she’s about to fall, I braced myself for hits that I would possibly receive as I chased after her falling body, enclosing my arm to

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