Miwa-nee's Worries

1887 Words

When Haruko fell asleep, I didn't leave immediately. For 10 minutes, I watched her sleep peacefully. She had a smile on her face and she kept mumbling my name. Whatever she was dreaming, I was there. As I thought, I couldn't afford to lose them again. I want to satisfy all of them so they wouldn't be able to think about leaving me. The purpose of opening the option to leave was to let them feel that I'm not taking away their freedom to choose. And if ever someone opts out, I will surely be hurt by it. It just meant that I failed to satisfy her. Err but I already took away that option for Haruko and Yae. Like Akane, they're the ones I don't really want to lose, no matter what. This might be my possessiveness again and it now encroached the three of them. After leaving the room, I went do

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