Restraint *

1895 Words

Though I expected this to be a long night, it was about to be over. Or is it? I planned to go to Haruko but she specifically told me after our bath that it's fine not to come since the time we had at the bath and the promise I made was enough to satisfy her for tonight. I don't know but I felt like that was her restraining herself again. But since she told me not to come, am I supposed to just accept it? It's not only them who were longing for me, I am longing for them as well. "Akane. You heard what Haruko said, right?" I called out to Akane who was making herself comfortable as she lay her head on my chest, she's still short of breath after a round of s*x with me. Though already used to it, we never get tired of each other and the pleasure was still the same as our first night. "Ye

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