Kaneko Otoha *

2045 Words

Unlike Sena, Otoha asked me to push her down to the bed. It's been more than a year for her so her longing that was bottled up was more than what Sena has. Putting her down to the bed, I immediately got on top of her. Her long brown hair sprawled on the bed and with her uniform a bit disheveled, her figure which became sexier than how I remembered lay before my eyes. Even her breasts that were previously on the average size grew and were now approaching a bigger cup. "You've become sexier, Otoha." I revelled at her figure as I started kissing her. From her forehead, down to her nose and her lips that were already red from all the kisses we shared since earlier at school. "E-eh? I've only grown a bit..." Unconvinced by what I said, Otoha tried to deny it. But before she could even sha

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