Arriving Home

1237 Words

Not waiting for Izumi-senpai's reply, I made my way out after checking that Shio's car wasn't parked there anymore. In the end, I gave my target a piece of advice. Let's just say it's part of the plan. Otherwise, I would just straightforwardly reject that offer of hers. Ah. Either way, the meaning was still the same. I couldn't accept her offer. More than I want to steal her, the desire to be closer with Arisa-senpai bested that. Nonetheless, it's not like I would give up if she distanced herself from me and pulled Arisa-senpai to do the same. It's something within my expectation.  From that report of hers, she decided to continue being my Mentor. I just didn't know if it would change now that I rejected that. In any case, let's just leave it at that. I still have a pile of issues t

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