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Akane's period had already ended so… The way she clung to me was her way of telling me that her period's over. And that was even confirmed by her when she covertly whispered it to me. However, since Fuyu was still present and we never had our dinner yet, the silly girl was trying to restrain herself from pulling me with her to go upstairs. While we're waiting for Miwa-nee to call us at the dinner table, I left Akane at Fuyu's side while I sat down to play against Minoru. Upon seeing me taking the controller that Akane put down, the boy pouted as if he was about to be bullied again. But for the sake of showing off his skills to the spectator behind us, he sniffed once before a fighting spirit was ignited in his eyes. Unfortunately, all the games I have for that console were something I

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