Piled-up Desire

1255 Words

"Here is fine, Onoda-kun," Fuyu said as soon as we reached the front of the train station. She then stepped forward before facing me with her hands clasped in front of her. During our walk here, our topic of conversation was mostly Akane. Hearing about that silly girl from the one closest to her during those dark times when I was still ignoring her, it opened me to more things about Akane that I failed to see back then due to my focus being solely on my target girl or on someone I already stole. Fuyu told me that for the longest time, she hated me for doing that to Akane. That there's just not one instance where the three of them were about to ambush me and pull me towards the silly girl to hear her confession. In their minds, they thought that if Akane confessed and I rejected her, t

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