Imada Saki (2)*

1373 Words

With my reason flying out of my mind, I only rest for a while to let the girl be accustomed to it before my hips began to move to f**k her like she asked me to. Lifting her legs up and letting them rest on my shoulders, I propped my hands to her side. In this position, it became easier for me to enter her. Saki was still feeling the pain. That’s for sure. However, after that shout, the girl was seemingly invigorated. While resisting the pain every time I would pull my c**k in and out of her, Saki once again boldly made her move by grasping onto my neck. Covering my mouth with hers, Saki then initiated a passionate kiss between us which I gladly welcomed. Slowing down on my hips, I began to respond with the girl’s whims. Because I know, that was her attempt to forget the pain from the l

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