Woman's Intuition?

1270 Words

After resting for a while, Saki and I left the Club Building together and turned our heels towards the direction of the Gymnasium.  Before leaving that room, I asked her if that part of hers was hurting or if she wouldn’t have any trouble walking. As an answer to that, she gave me a somewhat forced reassuring smile. It was forced and I… I just couldn’t help but start worrying about her. Because of that, I delayed leaving the room to let the girl rest more. When I brought that up, Saki was about to refuse and go out even if she’s walking funnily. To stop her, I ran up to her and offered her a massage near that part where I was deep inside earlier. With her whole face turning red once more, Saki immediately rejected it and just settled with taking up my suggestion to stay a little longe

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