Mina's Worry

1578 Words

“What are you thinking? Asking my mom that question…” Mina’s slightly irritated voice reached my ears minutes after her mother left us alone once more. The previously opened door had been shut close unlike earlier where it’s completely open. With the tea that’s about to turn cold in our hands, I answered, “Rather than let her speculate, I decided to let her know my intentions towards you. Besides, she didn’t answer anyway.” That’s right. Leaving the words ‘Aren’t you asking the wrong person?’, Auntie Yayoi pulled the door close and left us alone in her daughter’s room. In a way, leaving after saying that was also equal to answering yes from my question. I don’t want to disappoint her, same with the parents of my other girls if ever I meet them again. Nonetheless, it’s a fact that with

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