Who are you?

1484 Words

Disturbed by the noise, I looked at Mina and saw that she’s as confused as me. “You’re expecting a guest?” “Not that I know of…” She shook her head. After the initial banging noise, it rang out once more a few seconds later. This time, it was louder than before and accompanied by a faint voice. It’s outside. With her room located at the backside of the house and the door shut closed, only a muffled incoherent voice reached us. There’s her mother outside but just in case everything was fine, Mina and I stood up. I held her hand in mine as we approached her door. There’s no reason to do so but still, just in case something was happening, I could easily defend my girl. On the same note, I could also feel a certain fear welling up inside her. Fear for her mother’s safety. We’re inside

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