Resolving the Situation

1301 Words

“This little--! Oi. Do you think I won’t hit someone like you?” His face scrunching up into an ugly scowl, the pompadour man tried pulling his arm out of my grip. Too bad for him, it’s impossible. “From how soft your arm is, I bet you’re the type who’s always relying on others.” I put on a mocking expression and tightened my grip on his wrist. Just like I said, his arm was too soft. It’s like all he had going for himself was his out-of-its-era hairstyle and glamorous suit. I was aware that provoking him wouldn’t lighten the situation. However, just from how he so easily tried to use force to make Auntie Yayoi come with him and how he ignored my question, I had to nail in his mind that we’re not going to be a pushover. Auntie Yayoi would probably even feel bad that their guest in their

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