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Iwasaki. That’s the name that the man in suit brought up. According to him, that Iwasaki is their employer. They’ve been given their address to bring Auntie Yayoi to him. He refused to further elaborate after that and Auntie Yayoi already had a reaction so the answer as to why she’s being targeted by that Iwasaki lies on her. Actually, it’s not that complicated. And it was even tied to the topic of our conversation earlier. That Iwasaki was a regular at her shop. He apparently started coming to her shop six months ago. Twice a month he would come to get his haircut. More than ten times a month, he would ‘accidentally’ pass by her shop just to see her. The man had already invited her to dinner on numerous occasions. More often, Auntie Yayoi would decline his invitation but there wer

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