Filing the Case

1306 Words

“Will you be fine, Auntie? Don’t you need me to come with you to the police station?” Right before the front door, I raised a question to the woman seeing me off. It’s time for me to leave. Because of what happened, the competition was held off or rather, canceled. It already lost its meaning and there were more urgent things to do. Auntie has already returned to normal and with a rather determined look on her face, she’s going to the police station to file a case. From the result of the call that she made towards the prime suspect, Iwasaki, the man spectacularly slipped. Although the phone used was hers, I had them let Mina talk to the man first. And lo and behold, what I suspected turned out to be right. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but man, that Iwasaki was stupid. As if he’

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