No Point Hiding it Anymore

1459 Words

Upon hearing Shizu’s answer, pin-drop silence ensued around us. The couple as well as the raging dog stopped in place as their eyes went from our heads down to Shizu’s bottom. Towards where we should be ‘connected’. As I was extremely protective of other people ogling my girls, my hands automatically moved to her supple bottom, trying to cover it from their eyes. Yeah. Instead of helping, that move was something that only made it worse. Shizu issued a light moan as soon as my palm firmly cupped her two bountiful softness. And as if enacting a butterfly effect, Shizu’s hips shook slightly, effectively rubbing herself on me. It should only be a small movement and I was already on the verge of softening up from minutes of talking. However, because of her moist slit rubbing on me once more

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