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With the appearance of Vice President Inugaki, I instinctively moved to cover Shizu from his eyes. I pushed her head down to my chest and tightly embraced her, not even letting her turn around and look at him. I told her to leave it to me so… that’s what I would do. Besides, Shizu was still in the middle of recovering from her c****x as well as the panic that set in when Watanabe and her boyfriend opened the door. Honestly, what I really didn’t want him to see was Shizu’s dreamy expression. She’s still as red as earlier and there’s the hint of sexiness and eroticism from her. That’s something I wouldn’t let anyone see, especially this dog of a Vice President. That’s why I sent him a mocking smirk, nailing at the point that Shizu is already mine. He called me an animal but his roar soun

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