How far can we go? (3) *

1326 Words

Although she accidentally bit me, clearly my fault for surprising her, the girl sent me an apologetic look. However, instead of delivering that kind of intent, it somehow appeared sexy when she did that while still holding a part of my length in her mouth; her luscious lips erotically clasped around my girth. As soon as I caught sight of that, I was totally taken in by her image. I had to gulp down my saliva to powerfully resist the urge to push her head down and thrust my hips upward. That’s how much fuel it gave to my desire. However, Shizu failed to read me this time. Perhaps she thought that my reaction of being entranced with her was a sign of me not accepting her apology, the girl did another approach. In hope that I would forgive her for biting me. First, Shizu pulled my length

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