How far can we go? (2) *

1309 Words

“This… Will it always be like this? Stiff, firm and… fiercely hot.” Using a rather enchanting tone, Shizu smilingly made an innocent comment upon slipping her hand inside my pants. No. She hadn’t touched it directly yet, it was still confined inside. Yet, her reaction was already like this. She appeared puzzled, amused and most definitely, charmed. To top it all off, the girl was still sporting the crimson streak across her face. Her bewitching golden eyes sending off the hint of her sexiness, her sensual lips that were still a little sore from how much I focused on it and her expression that’s bordering embarrassment, affection and also fulfillment. It’s the first time for her to show this to me and most likely, it’s also her first time exhibiting such emotion. Her affection for me had

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