How far can we go? (1) *

1468 Words

Faced with both her possessiveness and stubbornness, I was simply taken in by the girl pulling me down towards her. Her beautiful eyebrows fluttered as she blinked once before shakily staring at my figure. The reflection on her pupil clearly captured me. The tea break might’ve gone longer than I intended. However, there’s no way I would stop now when Shizu was this comely and forward.  “Mhm. And you’re mine.” I uttered my response to her declaration as I endearingly traced her puckered lips that appeared to be shaking in anticipation. Upon hearing that, the frown that was about to form from her face was instantly canceled, turning it into a light smile and full-blown show of her affection. I laughed at that visible change of expression to which she responded with her gentle caress from

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