A piece of her mind

1282 Words

Seeing Shizu that flustered and also a little energetic than she usually was, my purpose of asking her to take a break was more or less realized with it. It did look a little too fluffy but what can I say? My expertise is mostly about how to handle my girls, letting them be satisfied even if we’re pressed on time. Shizu understood me. But that didn’t mean I should push it to the point that she would start neglecting her duties. I aimed to be a relief, not a distraction. Well, although most of the time I would be the latter, I was still in the process of learning. In any case, after finishing the bread and downing the tea, I thought of letting her go back to her work. However, Shizu called out to me in her rare tempting voice and pulled me down on her side. She then laughingly clasped o

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