Making up for Missed Club Activities

1611 Words

"See you, Mina." Since I already finished the tea she brewed, Mina concluded our time and shoved me out of their clubroom. Of course, before that, I needed to appeal more to her. That kiss is one thing but she's the one who initiated it and that's after a struggle. "Just go for now. You're still quite far from stealing me from Haru." With only a little opening on the door, she replied without looking at me. "I know. Still, my feelings won't change, and remember that you only need to say it. I'll stop if you did." Upon hearing my words, the door opened wide and in it, Mina's slightly annoyed face glared at me. And with a voice raised a little, she grumbled. "Huh? You're really an i***t, you know? Will I kiss you if I'm not at least interested? Let me clear up my mind about all this f

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