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Aside from the sound of the teacup being filled, there's no other noise that can be heard in the room. She really wanted me to drink everything she brewed and I'm already at my 7th cup. In any case, hearing her thoughts like that earlier, it made me feel some sort of understanding towards her. She's actually holding a grudge towards me from showing up and taking Haruko's attention. Well, it's a bit over the top to call it a grudge. Most likely it's her jealousy. But despite that, her reaction to me these past few days were genuine. Even that blushed she had earlier were a result of her reacting to my words. Maybe tired of the silence or the way I keep my gaze locked to her, Mina asked. "Why do you keep staring at me?" "There's only the two of us here, who else will I stare at?" "Ad

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