Tea Girl

1642 Words

"You're late." Just like yesterday, Mina opened the door to their clubroom for me after knocking on it for a while. I already dropped Aya to the room next door and greeted Haruko. Himeko was also there with her so I got the chance to check on her situation which ended up taking some of my time. Well, seeing her cheerful and lovely face today, she's not hurting that much anymore. That was also with Haruko's help by giving her tips to ease the pain. Seeing the two, their relationship also took a step forward. Before, Himeko was also worried about me taking Haruko away from them. Now that she also became one of my girls, that worry was lifted which resulted in her understanding Haruko better and in turn, Haruko also didn't need to always appease her due to the number of times I am with he

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