Escorting the Four Girls

1530 Words

When I went back to class during the start of the 7th Period, I felt the questioning gazes of not only my four girls but also everyone in class. They're surely wondering where I went when the PE ended an hour early. I ignored the others but to Satsuki, Aya, Nami and Mori, I messaged them all instead of talking to them one by one. Their responses were all the same though. They already deduced that I'm with some other girl so instead of the usual 'Where did I run off to', they're asking who I am with. Because they were all somehow busy during lunch, they thought they could spend time with me after the PE ended early. However, the agreement with Rae was already scheduled. Since Rae hasn't expressed rejection at knowing my other girls and they all wanted to know who I spent more than an hou

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