Marry Someone Rich

1619 Words

"Un. I love you too, Ruki. Keep holding onto me and teach me more." Rae replied as her arms tightened its hold on me. Though the way she looked at me didn't change that much from when she started having curiosity over me, I know just how hard for her to express what she wanted especially if it's out of her knowledge. She still needed to get the hang of thinking for herself and I'll be there for her, supporting her along the way. "It's a bit laughable that I got so angry from your piece back then, now I'm like this with you…" She remembered that time again. Though I wrote that piece calmly, only after submitting it I did realize the shamelessness of its content. And now, Ishida-senpai wanted to entrust me with the future of the club. Since it's a literature club, I've already thought of

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