Tasting Her *

2252 Words

"D-do you have to stare that much?" Rae bashfully asked while holding her shirt up to give me a better view. After clearing out the things between us, any inhibitions we had earlier were released as I started to r****h this girl on my lap. From her lips down to her neck, every part I passed through was savored by me. Of course, with her consent. "It's a bit dark here so I'm trying to admire this beautiful view of yours." Her b*a was already unhooked and what's in front of me was her perked up breasts and her erect n*****s. If I could describe it, it's the right size for girls our age, neither undeveloped nor overdeveloped. If I cup it in my hands, it will fit perfectly and if I suck on it, I'm sure my tongue will be able to tease it well. "You're really a p*****t, Ruki… Hurry up." Th

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