Clearing Things Between Us

1891 Words

As the temperature rose in this Gym Storehouse, Rae's voice followed with it. My hand was on top of her breast, groping it tightly. The softness of her filled my palm as I could also feel her slightly hardened n****e poking out. With every squeeze that I did, Rae would let out a soft moan. In no time at all, her glasses became fogged up and even though I asked her to take it off, she refused for the reason that she wanted to see everything. Without it, she could only see a blurred image of me. This girl who had just become exposed to this kind of intimacy last week had already turned into this. With her curiosity taking over everything, she wanted to learn more and fill her head with the knowledge of what we're doing. At least that's how I interpreted her current situation. Compared to

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