Walking with Aya

1846 Words

Along our way to the Bookstore, I got a glimpse of Nami and Ogawa. Nami is laughing cheerfully. That's a face I have yet to see from her. She really likes that indecisive bastard. Her whole focus is on him that she will not notice me looking at her like this. Well, it's fine. In the first place, Ogawa is really the one she likes since middle school. Now, my desire to steal her grew even stronger because of how I came to like her. I will make sure that it will happen. Nami will be mine. It's a wonder that his other harem members aren't around. Nami probably took care of it so they wouldn't be disturbed. I glanced at Ogawa. He is still like a harem protagonist whose face is always flushed. Maybe if Nami touches him, he will jump back in surprise. Will he really be able to confess? Er

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