Thoughts about the Future

1978 Words

After our kiss, we decided to go home. Aya was satisfied with it. And she never mentioned being jealous again. When I arrived home, Minoru was playing with Akane in the living room, there was an old console there that I used before. Sometimes girls also want to play some games when I bring them here. Miwa-nee was in the kitchen, she's making our dinner. "I'm home." Akane was too focused on the game that she only noticed when I announced my arrival. "Ah. Husband, welcome home. Eh? I lost." "Yay. I win! Welcome home Ru-nii." This 4-year old boy was so happy that he beat Akane in that game. I ruffled his hair and I went next to Akane after putting down my bag. "I lost because of you, husband. Kiss me." "This silly girl, you just want to be spoiled again." I kissed her as she asked.

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