A little celebration

1470 Words

Unlike the previous instances, I helped Shizu tidy up the Student Council room and left with her. And while dodging the other student’s eyes, I dropped her to the Student Support Club. And using that chance, I also got to check on Nami, Hina, Saki as well as Arisa-senpai. Well, they’re still on about fixing their circle. Shizu’s status in there was like the clip that’s preventing them from being torn apart. Without Shizu taking the helm, it would be too awkward for them to still walk and go home together. I might have been secretly planning to slowly wreck that circle and take the girls away from those creeps but I could not just tell them to stop mending what’s about to be broken. Nami still treated them as friends and there were at least bonds created from the years that they were tog

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