Nogizaka Household

1494 Words

The time quickly passed. Even though the karaoke time somehow started with Ishida-senpai complaining about the closeness of my girls to me, it soon eased up when they stepped up one by one to sing. Otsuka-senpai, with her somewhat endless energy and curiosity, picked quirky and upbeat songs, setting up a rather joyous mood in the room. I gotta hand it to her for being that energetic. She’s totally in contrast to when she’s about to explode in curiosity about me. It’s also a good thing that she hadn’t mentioned the agreement to let her watch us having s*x again or even the next outburst of that curiosity. Let it stay that way, hopefully. Ishida-senpai was reluctant or rather, averse to singing when Otsuka-senpai handed her the microphone. However, she and Kana teamed up to pull her up. Sh

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