Leave it to me, husband

1309 Words

Returning home to see two, no, three women waiting for me by the door was something any man would be jealous of. Especially if all of them were this lovely. Akane and Nao wore an apron over their clothes. They probably ran out of the kitchen as soon as they heard the sound of the door opening. On the other hand, Miwa-nee was in her everyday attire, a dress that’s sticking closely to her figure. I knew I had to be fair here but she’s the one exuding the most sexiness among the three. It’s probably intentional on her part since she started to be more forward with her affection for me and I love every minute of that. Unlike before wherein she always let the other girls approach me, the way she’s taking initiative now would always be a welcome one. I just wish I could be with her longer… or

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