Mori Hina (1) *

1290 Words

Taken in by the situation we created, the two of us got even more passionate that I eventually laid Hina down on the bed. And naturally, I’m on top of her, making sure not to let her feel my entire weight. Ten minutes had already passed and during that time, a lot of things happened between us. Or rather, I did a lot of things to her which resulted in her current disheveled state. She’s breathing raggedly and her expression was nothing short of sexy and erotic. Her eyes that were half closed were staring downwards, her anticipation was in full display. At the moment, her lips were glistening from how much I sucked on them. Her unblemished neck turned pinkish from the blush that she failed to contain from her face. And if one would look closely, a few reddish marks were signifying where

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