From Nami to Hina

1261 Words

Hina’s arrival signaled the fact that we spent too long in the room. And with her pained smile replacing the shocked expression that she put on upon seeing us, it’s just to show that she’s clearly jealous of what she witnessed. Although I initially planned to walk Nami back to their clubroom after we’re done before picking up Hina, that’s impossible to do now when the girl already made her way here. Of course, she’s now aware of this place even though I hadn’t brought her here yet. As I always wanted to treat my girls fairly, I helped fix Nami’s uniform and wiped what might leak from her before placing her down on my side. Following that, I thought of going to Hina. I was already about to stand up but Nami beat me to it. With a triumphant smile on her lips, she stood up and pulled Hina

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