Who is Hina to you?

1833 Words

"Are you surprised?" I smiled and continued patting her head. Well, it's a normal reaction. I told her I would make her forget about Ogawa but at the next moment, I told her I was giving up. She was even excited when she thought I was going to kiss her. Well, I already planned my move today. It's not only her who I invited here. Until that other one arrives, I have to act like this. "… You're giving up?" "You instantly pulled yourself away from me when I told you my intention. It's been a while since I got this rare time with you and I was outright rejected." I stopped patting her head and just rested my hand on it, observing her reaction. Upon seeing my wry smile which I intentionally put on, Hina opened her mouth but no words of rebuttal came out of it. Her eyes trembled as her ga

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