Meeting at their Club Room

2029 Words

"Sensei, it's not great to joke like that." To completely act oblivious, I widened my eyes as surprise filled my face before frowning as if I was being falsely accused. I could just shrug it off but that would be more suspicious in this teacher's eyes Orimura-sensei wasn't dumb. For her to arrive at that suspicion, she probably found the times I was with Shio unnatural. Well, there's also the possibility that I was overthinking this. Nonetheless, I have to limit my interaction with Shio from now on… Thinking back, we're really careful all the time… Or perhaps, I just convinced myself that we're careful. There were times when we would forget about the place and time. Just like when she's giving me a ride home. In any case, there's no way I would admit to Orimura-sensei's question. I

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