Assisting them

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While I gave my suggestion, Eguchi-sensei fell into deep contemplation. Orimura-sensei, on the other hand, gulped down the carbonated drink she picked. No matter how unruly she was, she wouldn't drink alcoholic drinks when it's still school hours. That's one way to be fired immediately. In any case, I didn't need to open my mouth anymore. Instead of staring awkwardly at the two PE teachers, I opened the bottle of water and drank it while waiting for Eguchi-sensei. It's only a few minutes before the fifth period. Most likely, the class was already making their way to the changing rooms and were talking about what kind of activity these two would put them through. The same as last week, the PE Class for today will be a joint class for Year 1 Class 1 to 4. Although last Friday Eguchi-se

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