Coloring her World

1314 Words

I may have favored Miho at this moment but that’s inevitable. Given the chance, I’d also favor them just the same. That’s why it didn’t become a serious issue. They all treated themselves equally before my eyes. Even if there’s a chance that some of them weren’t getting along with each other, I doubt they would show it to me. Or rather, I would notice it right away if two girls that’s not on good terms were together with me. Nonetheless, the envious exhalations they did were genuine. I made a note to myself to at least try to expel the envy they felt earlier. And that’s even if I knew that they would also drop it soon enough. With the weakened Miho relishing the feeling of being filled up by me once more as well as my scent that’s still filling her nose through the shirt I gave her, I g

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