Favored *

1273 Words

No matter how lovely my girls are before me, I’m not some monster who can produce an unlimited amount of semen in short successions. Just this morning, Akane and I started the day by doing it once. Something like an apology s*x for last night. Then earlier in Edel’s apartment, those three squeezed me twice. Once inside Haruko and the other one was a joint effort by both Edel and Mina… Haruko made it educational, actually. Letting the two learn the differences of both sexes. Mina wasn’t too focused back then because of what happened in her house but for Edel, that adorable koala braved her fears… taking another step to cast it away. If I remembered her determined yet bashful face, it’s bringing up the urge for me to grab and spoil her a lot. And this time, with six of them, I didn’t dare

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