Getting a Piece of Me? *

1313 Words

Once I finished singing with them, I sat back down in my seat. Since it’s L-shaped, I sat right in the middle. It’s the corner most side that even if someone suddenly opened the door, it would take a while before I could be noticed. And with the karaoke box not having a CCTV to monitor the interior of each room, that gave way for us to do more than just singing. Well, although the girls initiated it by sticking close to my side, I wouldn’t lie about wanting it as well. They’re my beloved girls. I’d always give them my time of the day and it would never fail to stand up for them… Unless I got too exhausted. Anyway, I told them that we had to keep it to a minimum since there’s still a risk of being caught by the staff of this place. Just like that time when Kana and I went to karaoke toge

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