Drop it

1300 Words

For the duration of my stay in her office, Coach Ayu never brought up what happened again. She left it at that and even if I tried to bring it up to clear what’s the score between us, she’d mercilessly shut that down by coldly glaring at me along with loudly tapping her table in irritation. Thinking about it, she’s somehow similar to Arisa-senpai on that part. Or even Saki when we first did it… The former told me that it’s a one-time thing and I should be loyal to Nami while the latter told me to not put any meaning to what we did and just act normally. However, look at where that took them… Arisa-senpai and I became aware of the irresistible attraction we had for each other. Furthermore, I’m still waiting for another chance with her. To make her mine once and for all. Or if not that, t

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