A Blunder?

1328 Words

Perhaps finally recognizing what’s happening, Coach Ayu’s eyes lowered to stare at our joined hands. She then looked at me, a puzzled expression occupying her face. Her laughter stopped and it took more than a minute before she could respond to me. As I watched her fairly amusing reaction, my lips curved into a smirk. Let’s call it getting back at what she did. Or teasing her for convenience’s sake. It’s her turn to be impatient or, if not that, flustered maybe? I continued feeling up her rough hands, squeezing and caressing them while listening to her response. Well, her palms being rough was a clear evidence of how hardworking and passionate this woman was towards boxing. And for the years to come, it would stay that way. Perhaps, she would be like Hisa-jii. Opening her own gym in th

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