Test of Patience

1264 Words

Coach Ayu’s office. It’s not my first time being here with her alone but today, it somehow brought me a lot more tension than normal. She’s currently sitting down on her table with her chin resting on her clasped fingers. She’s wearing a jacket similar to a tracksuit on top of her sports b*a to cover her exposed shoulder. It’s not zipped close, giving one access to revel at her toned body figure. Although she’s not that bountiful at the front, the sports b*a made it look firm and compact. If my face somehow pressed there, it’d surely be comfortable. Ah. Wait, let’s stop focusing on Coach Ayu’s appearance! At the moment, this former Olympic-level athlete was staring at me a little bit too seriously as if she’s eyeing a criminal on death row. Or that’s just how I interpreted it consideri

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