3rd Session

1567 Words

When Coach Ayu said she’s busy, it sounded like an excuse. No. It’s literally an excuse to avoid me. She didn’t have anything lined up for today except coaching and supervising Sena’s training. She’s part of the management of the gym but it’s not like she’d be drowned out with paperwork. Well, there’s no use mulling over it. I took that as an extension of her disappointment in me. As for the reason why she wanted me to come back after sending Sena home, I had no idea. The way she said it was just another way of saying that I might spend a lot of time in her office so it’s better to not let the girl wait on me. Either way, the mystery about that would surely be revealed later. There’s no rush. And I doubt she’s going to hold me off for something personal. That’s just not in her charact

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