Ishida-senpai's Concerns

2246 Words

When I took Aya in the Literature Club, Ishida-senpai thought I brought a new member and Otsuka-senpai instantly barraged her with questions. Aya, being the introvert that she was, shrunk down behind me and before I could explain, Kana went to our rescue. This is her territory so she's not really that shy and seeing I brought another girl, she probably already guessed that she's one of my girls. Kana jumped into my arms which almost startled Ishida and Otsuka-senpai before she turned her head and looked at Aya who was cowering behind me. "Ruki! Who's this?" "She's Rindou Ayase. My classmate and…" Even though I haven't completed my sentence, Kana nodded her head and pulled Aya from behind me before turning to Ishida and Otsuka-senpai. "She's a visitor to our club, Rumi, Karen. Can you

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