A Long Day Ahead

1909 Words

"Why are you asking for my help? He didn't look like he's in danger though." I asked since I was puzzled with this request of her. All those revelations just for me to help Fukuda? "He's a good guy but he was always pulled along by those seniors." Ah. So she wanted to pull him out of delinquency? After revealing her identity to me, Chii remained within my arm's reach. It's still a bit unbelievable that the girl apart from Miwa-nee who was also a trigger for all that happened is here within our class. I seriously have no idea and I will not possibly know if she didn't reveal it to me. "Are you sure he's only been pulled along?" It could be that he also played along with them. He's even inviting me to join his group to flaunt their weight in school. That didn't look like someone who's

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