Chii's Identity

2282 Words

Just like I planned. I won the game within 15 seconds. When that guy who planted a grudge to me saw that, it made him more upset. That doesn't matter though. That's kind of childish to be that upset in an activity for the PE class. The game continued after that and none of the remaining class 3 guys who were grouped with us won the game while all 5 of us managed to win. Who told them to compete with us? If they just played normally… Ah. We're the ones who started it, right? Still. Blame it on that guy who took the 2 seconds deducted seriously. In any case. We're now free for the rest of the PE. Aya is the only one I'm worried about because of her low stamina. That's why when she won her game, I relaxed knowing Satsuki and Nami would surely win theirs. Itou and Chii also won their gam

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